Websites for Therapists

When you’re a therapist, creating or improving your website involves some unique challenges.

  • How do you decide what to share online about your background and values?
  • How do you make your theoretical orientation accessible and jargon-free?
  • How do you give potential clients an accurate sense of your interpersonal style?
  • How do you emphasize your areas of specialty while remaining open to other clients who might be a good fit?

And the biggest challenge of all:

  • How do you communicate about a process that is unique for every client…and entirely confidential?

Create a website for your practice — or make your current site more effective
Coming from a family of mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and counselors, I have a deep appreciation for the work that therapists do and the importance of communicating effectively with potential clients.

I offer website consulting and start-to-finish solutions for therapists in private practice, with an emphasis on communicating your approach, values, and specialties so that you connect with the types of clients who would most benefit from your expertise.

Get answers to your website questions
Check out the FAQ to find out more about creating a website vs. using a Psychology Today listing, get an inside look at the process of working with me, and see how to set up a 15-minute phone consultation to ask any questions you might have!

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Therapist Website Case Study
This case study looks at the process of creating a website for a
California-based LMFT and custody mediator.
view case study

LMFT Website ScreenshotGain insight into 3 key areas:
(1) Conveying deeply held values
(2) Purpose and selection of images
(3) Describing a process that happens behind closed doors

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