“Diana is truly AMAZING!! She is so lovely to collaborate with; Diana brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the table and I can’t imagine working with anyone else to help craft the language of Qupia. She helped make our ideas come to life, and we couldn’t have done it without her. We find ourselves often saying, ‘What would we have done without Diana?'”

“She has added a tremendous amount of value not only to the public facing part of our website but also as a thought partner and strategist helping us think through important business issues. She is an absolute gem!”

— Alisia de Maar
Co-Founder, Qupia
Brooklyn, New York

“Diana helped us update our website and had great input about how we could best share the work we do for customers. She really spent the time to understand our needs and only then would make suggestions. I highly recommend her work. In addition, she is great fun to work with and is someone you can work with to build good ideas into great ones!”

— Beth Bostwick
Co-Founder, ReadyTouch, Inc.
Palo Alto, California

“I was setting up a new business and knew my website had to be fabulous. I had an idea of what I liked and how I wanted it to look and that it was going to be the way people connected with me. I found Diana’s website and felt very inspired with what I read. What she was saying about communicating my message, I knew was important – I just wasn’t sure about investing money in it.”

“So instead of using Diana’s service straight up I paid $600 to a graphic designer to design my brand (and that was just the deposit!). What the designer came back with was totally off the mark. I was so disappointed. I sent an SOS to Diana and we soon met over Skype. How I wished I had gone to her in the first place.”

“Diana helped me to become clear on what I wanted my business to be, and how to communicate that via the website and promo material in order to convert interested people into paying clients. Diana is a copywriter-slash-life-coach! I continue to engage Diana’s services when I want to tweak something or add a new service to my business. She is amazingly kind, patient and clever.”

— Nik Welsh
Founder, The Mindfulness Project
Yarra Valley, Australia

“We are maniacs about quality in all our materials and we are glad that Diana shares the same standards. She has a point of view and knows when to push back to get something expressed more clearly. We have come to find that she often has better ways to express our concepts.” (For full testimonial on LinkedIn, click here)

— Andy Billings
VP, Profitable Creativity, Electronic Arts
Redwood Shores, California

“I am a therapist and child custody mediator. This year I realized that if I was going to continue in my practice
I would have to set up a website for my practice. So with much trepidation I hired Diana Ecker to guide me through this process.”

“Diana has a gentle yet professional way to elicit your own feelings and thoughts about your work. She removed my fears of sharing personal information by reframing my thoughts and feelings in a reader-friendly, professional way. I am completely happy with the result and feel proud that it represents me and the kind of practice I offer.”

“If you, like me, are of the ‘old school’ and fear advertising or know nothing about modern means of promoting your business, Diana will make the whole process easy and enjoyable, and produce a product you will feel proud of. Thank you, Diana, for your work and bringing me into this modern age.”

— Alicia Santos-Coy
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Sacramento, California

“Diana helped me with my forthcoming book, Fifty SEO Ideas, and brought a keen insight to the project. She helped make complex ideas easy to understand and identified inconsistencies in language and grammar. Her help greatly improved not just the writing quality but the expression of ideas.”

— Jason McDonald
SEO Expert and Author
San Francisco, California

“After Diana reached out to me with her thoughts on my book and some edits she would have made, I knew I had to hire her. So I did, and it was one of the best decisions I made this year. Not only did she do the usual ‘this is grammatically incorrect’ round of edits, she also came back with ‘this doesn’t make sense — let’s figure this out…'”

“I’ve worked with a lot of people, and it’s increasingly rare to find anyone who can take a step back and look at the big picture. Diana is that sort of person, and if you’re a writer and want a professional editor or just a second set of eyes, hire Diana.”

— Brennan Dunn
Author, Creator of Planscope, and Founder of We Are Titans
Chesapeake, Virginia