Copywriting Services for Startups

The Bandwidth Problem and Risk

Every startup should be thinking about messaging from Day 1. But does that happen? Rarely. Founders are putting in long hours working on everything else. The website is usually an afterthought, thrown together quickly and forgotten because you need to focus on other things.

This is totally understandable — but it’s risky, too. How many people who reach your website will bounce because they don’t understand how your product solves their problem?

Customer Development and Lean Methodology

Here’s the twist: as a founder, you know exactly how important it is to meet the needs of your customers. You may have conducted interviews with quite a few customers to tailor your product to their needs. What’s crucial to understand is that your website needs to be approached in the same way as your product.

Sometimes founders believe they’re using a Lean approach by putting up a website in a hurry — because spending more than a few minutes on their website “wouldn’t be Lean” (a misconception I’ve written about before). But in fact it’s much more productive to tailor your website content to the needs and interests of your customers and continue to test and iterate.

Matching Services with Your Stage

So does this mean that you should pour all of your capital into your website? No way! Instead, think strategically about your current stage and what makes the most sense.

Which of these services best matches your current needs?

  • A website copy audit and recommendations you can implement yourself
  • Getting specific pages (like the home page) rewritten
  • Commissioning a deep dive into customer data to rewrite your entire website
  • Having an ongoing program of A/B testing and copy optimization

The key is to select the most efficient approach for where you’re at and where you want to go.

So How Can You Improve Your Site?

I’m most frequently brought in to work on existing website copy that needs to be tweaked, improved, optimized, or finessed (clients use all of those terms and more). I’m based in Silicon Valley and work remotely with clients in the U.S. and beyond.

The way I see it, my goal is to translate your vision in a way that your target customers will respond to. The recommendations I make are backed up by evidence — and I can work with you to measure the effect of changes.

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients who are highly technical and/or non-native speaker of English. I make sure that your website communicates your message with power and precision to drive signups or sales.

***Thank you for your interest! As of December 2014, I’m no longer taking on new projects. If you’re looking for a conversion copywriter, check out the Copy Hackers Freelance Copywriters for Hire page. For landing page design and copy, check out the incomparable Jen Gordon.