Services for Designers

Services for DesignersMy goal is to make life a little easier for website designers.

I guide your clients through the process of identifying their priorities, planning their site, and creating their content. All of this happens before you start designing.

This means that when you start, the content is ready for you (and still flexible enough for you to work with). The structure of the site is planned out for you. The goals of the site are clear. With all of this in place, you can completely focus on design.

Collaborating with me makes it easier for you to:

  • Begin a project with a clear sense of your client’s goals and site assets
  • Know that client expectations are being managed around scope, deliverables, and the realities of a platform
  • Get early access to display text and pull quotes to use as design elements
  • Keep your momentum going throughout the design process (with fewer surprises and roadblocks)
  • Build a site that is driven from the start by your client’s purpose and content — use less placeholder content!

My process includes:

  • Discovery, requirements gathering, competitor research, and customer research
  • Identification of client priorities, strategies, and key words and phrases
  • Website architecture laid out clearly for you to work with (in outline form or wireframes, your choice)
  • Working with the client to plan, create, and edit their content
  • Recommendations that are vetted with you, so that you’re not ambushed with a list of impossible requests

I touch base with you throughout so you can stay in the loop, start mulling over design ideas, and address any technology, scope, or implementation issues before you officially begin designing your client’s website.

At the same time, you won’t be getting cc-ed on endless emails or receiving lengthy reports with unrealistic recommendations. The entire process is about increasing client satisfaction and freeing you up to focus on design.

Diana EckerPartnering on projects
If you’re like me, you care a great deal about the trust your clients have in you and approach partnering on projects with care, seeking the right fit.  I welcome you to find out more about my background and see testimonials from past and current clients. Logistics-wise, when I partner on a project, I typically invoice the client directly.

If you’d like to begin to explore the possibility of working together, I’d be delighted to find out more about what you do, where you’re based (I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area), and what kinds of projects you specialize in. You can email me at diana [at], or get in touch here:

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