What Positioning Can Do for You

What is positioning?
Positioning is claiming what you actually want your business to be about. Many people start businesses to do what they love, and then get about halfway there. Positioning consulting enables you to close the gap between the business you’re actually running and the vision that drove you to start your business in the first place.

Finding yourself (you’ve been there all along)
Thanks to my background working with successful, driven clients making professional transitions, I’m an expert at overcoming the blind spots that get in the way as someone takes on a new role or identity for themselves or their business. I specialize in the kind of results that evoke a sense of happy recognition: “Yes, that’s me!”

Streamline your decision-making process
Every choice you’ll need to make about your website content, your website design, the content of your newsletter, the way you promote yourself, or even how you re-write your online profile is grounded in your sense of who you are or what your business is about. It’s simple: when you’ve fully recognized and claimed your identity, you are freed up to move forward.

Alignment is power
Align the way you communicate what you do with your actual vision and calling. Take the results of our work to your favorite logo or site designer if you want: you’ll walk in far more prepared than most people. We can also take the results to the next level by moving forward with messaging or content strategy if you want.

To chat about this process, I welcome you to contact me!