What I Believe

1. When you are clear, your communication gets clear.
When you feel blocked, unsure, or hesitant in your communication, it’s often because you’re still wrestling with how you want to represent yourself or your business. Working together, you and I will make sure you get clarity and a sense of ownership over your message or brand.

2. To really reach your audience, you have to commit to genuine connection.
In the process of developing any kind of message, content, or pitch, almost everyone loses sight of their audience. I’ll help you regain your empathy for the people who make up your audience, dramatically amplifying your ability to connect.

3. The strategies that make connection effective are incredibly powerful and frequently subtle.
The difference between a sentence that makes visitors to your site or profile feel welcome and one that makes them feel alienated can be as small as a single word or punctuation mark. You can engage a pitch audience in a few short seconds. Working with me, you’ll tune in to what’s happening and why.

4. When you feel encouraged, heard, and understood, you gain tremendous power to get your message across.
After years of helping clients to craft messages under pressure, I know that they get the best outcomes when they work with someone they trust. Expressing yourself and sharing your ideas can feel risky. Trust leads to results.