Online Dating Profiles

Just getting started?
Online dating can be a bit overwhelming at first. I guide clients through the process of creating a terrific and authentic profile from scratch. Unlike most online dating profile services, I don’t write my clients’ profiles for them. Instead, I work with them to develop profiles they can feel proud of. Discover how to present who you are in a way that attracts the kinds of people you would like to meet.

Already have a profile?
Can’t shake the feeling that something in your profile might be scaring people away? I call the things that get in the way “roadblocks” and “red flags.” Even the nicest, most well-meaning people can have them in their profiles and not realize it. Find out how to identify and transform your roadblocks and red flags into powerful magnets to attract wonderful people!

Is this service for you?
I work with clients of all ages on their online dating profiles. From start to finish, the consulting process typically ranges from $300 to $500. I can’t guarantee you’ll find your soulmate. However, I’m delighted to say that my clients are often pleasantly surprised to see how their online dating experience changes. Spring of 2014 will mark the first wedding resulting from a profile I consulted on. Cheers!

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“Diana helped me see what was already working with my dating profile and where it could be improved. After making the changes she recommended, I started hearing from more women — I have more views and messages than ever! I’ve been out with five or six women since I updated my profile about a month ago, and one in particular is pretty great. We’ll see what happens!”
Matt, Engineer, San Mateo, CA

“I’ve been a member of OkCupid since the early days, but I always felt clueless about my lack of success with it. Diana spent time getting to know me and understanding what kinds of girls I wanted to attract. Then she shared her insights about how I was coming across in my profile and made lots of suggestions. I was stubborn at first, but she was too, and eventually I made all of her suggested changes. Before, I got virtually no views or messages, and now I get a ton of profile views and several messages a week. The people I’ve met also seem refreshingly sane relative to my previous experiences with online dating.”
Seth, Developer, San Francisco, CA

“Before I met Diana, I was seriously interested in exploring online dating, but wasn’t sure how to design my profile in way that would feel authentic and also be market-savvy to optimize results. A trusted and respected colleague referred me to Diana. From the very first meeting, I was immediately impressed with Diana’s professionalism, warmth, competence and how she quickly made me feel completely at ease.

I told her some ideas that I had about how I wanted to represent myself online. She listened attentively and responded with relevant information about what works and what doesn’t work to get results. She went on to tell me about the current practices in online dating. She clearly understood the marketplace of online dating. I knew from the very first meeting that I wanted to collaborate with Diana on this project.

We decided that it made sense for me to write a first draft in response to specific questions for an OkCupid profile, so that I could represent myself accurately. Diana edited my draft and informed me about mistakes women commonly make in representing themselves online. I found all of her comments relevant and helpful.

Diana’s feedback consistently made my profile more efficient, effective and powerful. We passed the draft back and forth between us, until we mutually felt that the final product was smart, genuine and well-written.

The experience of both writing the profile and reflecting about what was most important to me helped prepare me emotionally and mentally to re-enter the dating world. As luck would have it, I met a wonderful man that I exchanged profiles with and we’ve been dating ever since.

I would highly recommend Diana Ecker to any woman who, like me, both wants to bring someone special into her life and needs a trusted coach who really knows the technology and the business of online dating. She’s superb!”
D.B., Behavioral Health Educator, Menlo Park, CA