For Solo Entrepreneurs…

Get Inside the Minds of Your Potential Customers —
And Frame Your Services So They’re Irresistible

You know your customers better than anyone.
But do you know how to describe your services in a way that draws them in?
And do you know what assumptions you’re making — and how they’re driving interest away?

Find out how your customers (and potential customers) think, what they care about, and how they view your services. Hear how they describe the challenges they face in your area of expertise and how it feels to search for solutions.

Understand what they love about what you offer. It could be something you’d never predict!

Discover surprising patterns — things that on their own might seem like trivial details, but that together give you powerful and consistent guidelines for reframing what you do. What you learn could make all the difference.

“Diana helped me to become clear on what I wanted my business to be, and how to communicate that via the website and promo material in order to convert interested people into paying clients.”
— Nik Welsh, The Mindfulness Project, Yarra Valley, Australia

So where do these insights come from?
There are three specific sources that provide the raw material for these insights about how you present your services, enabling us to harvest an array of useful insights:

  • In-depth interviews with 3 of your customers or potential customers
  • Survey responses — I’ll guide you through the process of surveying your audience
  • Facilitated discovery session to identify your strengths, motivated skills, and blind spots

The combination of these three sources — interviews, survey responses, and discovery session — can be very powerful.

“Diana has a gentle yet professional way to elicit your own feelings and thoughts about your work. I am completely happy with the result and feel proud that it represents me and the kind of practice I offer.”
— Alicia Santos-Coy, Therapist, Sacramento, California

What will our work together look like?
I’ll start by sending you the foundation paperwork: services agreement, payment information, and a questionnaire that should take 15-20 minutes for you to fill out and send back. I’ll also include a link where you can schedule our initial telephone or Skype audio discovery session.

After that first session, I’ll send you customized recommendations for your customer survey. We’ll stay in touch over email as you send out the survey and receive the results back. In the meantime, I’ll be scheduling and conducting interviews with 3 of your customers or potential customers.

Finally, I’ll put together a detailed report (described below) that we’ll review together in our final call. For the week following that final call, I’ll provide email support as you incorporate the recommendations into your site.
Transforming insights into profits:
After I’ve gathered and analyzed everything, I extract specific recommendations that you can apply to how you frame your services. These recommendations may include:

  • Specific wording for headlines, package names, and key phrases — all drawn from the language of your customers
  • Recommendations on visual imagery, including graphics or even your own portrait
  • Testimonials and quotes from your customers, with suggestions about exactly where they belong on your website
  • Guidance for revising your bio or “About” page in a way that increases your perceived value to your customers
  • A list of elements to remove from your site — because they’re distracting from the real focus and losing customers

We’ll go through every recommendation together, and you’ll also have your own copy of the detailed, personalized in-depth report that you can refer back to time after time.

What matters most is that you’ll have the capacity to now frame your services so that the match between what your customers need and what you offer is undeniable.

Book your package on or by August 31, 2014 and capture a special all-inclusive rate of $825.

“Through multiple interviews and conversations, Diana ensured that she captured who I am and reflected these values in the messaging of YogiBirds. With her strategy and guidance, we built an amazing website to tell my story and showcase my business.”
— Robin Soran, YogiBirds, San Francisco Bay Area

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