The Ebook

Are You Hiding the Best Parts of Your Business?If I could sit down with a small business owner or a self-employed professional for an hour, what would I tell them? How could I convey — as succinctly as possible — the concepts that I’ve seen make a difference over and over? And how could I illustrate those recommendations with concrete example and practical suggestions?

When I sat down to write “Are You Hiding the Best Parts of Your Business?” those are the questions I asked myself.

The story of the title

The greatest gift I can offer you is the ability to look at your own website differently.

Whether you have a gigantic budget for website design or you’re building your own site using a template, if you don’t know how to look at your own site and see where it’s not doing your business justice, you’re missing out.

With every website project I consult on, I have two goals: to make sure that the website drives overall growth or targeted growth (based on your preferences), and to ensure that your ability to communicate effectively about your business is strengthened.

“Are You Hiding the Best Parts of Your Business?” is about whether your website is working for you — and it’s also about whether you’re fully taking advantage of the strategies that can help you make the most of your site.

What’s inside

There are five chapters in this 21-page ebook, each one covering a different aspect that is essential to consider:

Chapter 1: Voice
Why is it so tempting to sound like someone else…and why is it challenging sometimes to sound like yourself? How can you balance a tone that inspires credibility with personal disclosure? What if changing the way you approach your own writing process could dramatically change how you sound on your site?

Chapter 2: Emphasis
What’s so risky about trying to represent everything you do equally? What are the three key beliefs that will allow you to take control of the emphasis of your website? How can you search for hidden treasures already on your website?

Chapter 3: Visual Assets
What must you know about your own portrait? What step can you take that will completely transform the web design or redesign process for you, whether you’re using a professional designer or building your own site? What do you need to keep in mind to get the most out of any investment in creating visual assets for your site?

Chapter 4: Outside Evidence
How could you think differently about what value looks like for your customers? What strategies can you use to enhance the value of your testimonials? What approaches can help you heighten the perceived value and relevance of examples of your work?

Chapter 5: Visitor Experience
What are some of the most common mistakes that business owners make on their websites, causing their visitors to be frustrated or turned off right from the start? How is your website a preview of your business — in subtle ways that you might not even consciously realize? How can you create an experience that shows a visitor to your site that they’ve come to the right place?

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