Enhance Your Website Copy by Anticipating Customer Needs

August 20, 2014

The feeling of being understood immediately is a powerful way to accelerate connection. When I was a kid, I took a trip to Hawaii with my family. We drove along the Road to Hana, a route famous for both amazing scenery and stressful driving conditions. By the time we reached our hotel, I was completely […]

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Subscription Box Website Copy: Food for Thought

August 13, 2014

With a snack subscription box, after you sign up you receive a selection of snacks in the mail on a regular basis. These three companies — NatureBox, Nibblr, and Graze — all specialize in “healthy” snacks — creative trail mix blends, nuts, dried fruit, and so on. But is their copywriting as tempting as their […]

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The Trap That Modest People Fall Into Constantly In Business…And How To Avoid It

August 11, 2014

There’s a massive trap that solo entrepreneurs and companies fall into on their business websites. Here’s the worst part: the people who fall into this trap are some of the most conscientious, responsible, and modest people out there. Even their most trusted friends and colleagues may not detect it — because at first glance, everything […]

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How Not to Ask Customers to Take Your Survey

August 6, 2014

So my insurance company sent me an email today, requesting my participation in their customer survey. Here’s what it said: Recently you received an e-mail inviting you to participate in a Web-based survey regarding your experience with [Company]. [Company] greatly appreciates your business, and is interested in capturing your feedback to better understand your experiences […]

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Interviewing Customers (and Potential Customers) for Valuable Insights

August 4, 2014

Interviewing both the existing and potential customers of my clients is an incredible source of themes, insights, and language for their websites. One client I had put me in touch with someone who had many, many years of experience in a role and industry that would otherwise be challenging to gain access to. That role […]

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Magic Moments: When Marketing Clicks

March 21, 2014

I love those moments when you’re reading a website or watching a video and all of a sudden — something clicks. You can go from skeptic to convert in a split-second. The best way to understand how those moments work is to track your own. For me, one of those moments happened while I was […]

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Is It Time to Update Your Website Design?

March 18, 2014

Does the website design you have today still fit your business? Maybe! Or maybe not. Read on for 4 signs that you might need to update your design. Your site content has expanded When you created your original site, maybe you just needed to get the basics online: Here’s what we do, here’s how to […]

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