3 Tasty Tests This Global Snacks Company Can Try Out

by Diana Ecker on September 16, 2014

This is the first installment of the Testing 1-2-3 series, where we walk through three website elements that a company could test to see their impact on sales.

Are you a fan of snacks from all over the world, from Pocky to Goo Goo Clusters? MunchPak is a snack box subscription service ready to bring you delightful snacks from around the globe.

Their home page is charming and cool, with testimonials from delighted customers at the bottom. Happy customers, charming home page — sounds like a great foundation for tweaking some of the elements on the site and testing them to see if they can drive up sales.

Here’s the original:

1. First, change the button color

The Sign Up Now button is large and clear. But right now, it blends in with the rest of the white-on-red content on the page.

Let’s try giving it a boost with a contrasting green color. And while we’re at it, let’s bring the headline down to a neutral color so it doesn’t compete with the new green button. This makes it easier for a visitor to spot the sign-up button right away:


2. Next, tweak the headline text

The original headline is clear, fun, and upbeat: New & Popular Snacks from Around the World.

Let’s just tweak it slightly by adding the word “Get.” This way, a visitor to the site feels a more visceral connection to the box.

Now, it’s not just about the product — it’s about the reader, too:


3. And finally, update the navigation menu

The navigation menu at the top has untapped potential. To make room for changes, we’ll remove the “Home” link. Websites with savvy users are often fine with this, as they know to click on the logo to reach the home page.

This makes space to break up Join/Gift — which, thanks to the slash, has a little bit of built-in friction — into two menu items: Give a Gift and Sign Up.

Give a Gift is handy for anyone looking to give a very cool present. And now Sign Up is consistent with the language of the button below, and it’s in a location where a user will expect to see it.

We’ll also change News (a little bit dry) to MunchNews, in keeping with the whimsical feel of the brand.

And here’s what the final home page looks like:


And that’s it!

Of course, the only way to know for sure what will have an impact on sales is to test these tweaks. Products like VWO and Optimizely let you set up these kinds of tests and track the results.

These three changes would be relatively simple to test and could have an effect on the bottom line — and they’re just the beginning!

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