Is It Time to Update Your Website Design?

by Diana Ecker on March 18, 2014

Is It Time to Update Your Website Design?Does the website design you have today still fit your business? Maybe! Or maybe not. Read on for 4 signs that you might need to update your design.

Your site content has expanded

When you created your original site, maybe you just needed to get the basics online: Here’s what we do, here’s how to contact us.

As time went on, that changed. You added more elements: new services or new categories of products, or new sign-up boxes or videos.

Either way, the site that had plenty of room when you started now feels cramped and restrictive. White space, that essential ingredient, is a thing of the past. Your expanded content adds a lot of  value — it just needs room to breathe.

Time has passed, styles have changed

There are trends in web design just as there are in fashion. Does your site need to be updated constantly to reflect every trend? Probably not.

But if someone comes to your site and their first impression is that the design feels dated, you now have an extra challenge: in addition to demonstrating your value, you now need to prove that your products or services aren’t out of date.

Through no fault of your own, the passing of time has turned your website into the source of a powerful message: this site and its contents are no longer relevant. Now you have to work extra-hard to overcome that message.

It never quite fit in the first place

Especially when someone is creating their first website, fit is not always the top priority.

Sometimes you just want to get it done. Sometimes you’re working with a designer who has a one-size-fits-all approach. And sometimes you pick a website builder and your template choices are limited…so you make the best of what is offered.

Most likely, back at the beginning of the process you weren’t yet fully aware of the purpose, emphasis, and goals you wanted to build your site around. If something looked appealing, that was good enough, even if it wasn’t a perfect fit.

Your design sensibility has evolved

The best way to start tuning in to website design is to have your own website! Suddenly you may find yourself noticing things you didn’t see before.

As your design awareness increases, you may start to see your own site differently. The style of the designer who created your original site may no longer fit your aesthetic. The template that actually looked pretty good to you a few years ago is not one you’d choose today.

If your own design sensibility has evolved, that’s a good thing! There may be some hard choices ahead: parting ways with your original designer, moving to a new platform. But getting to have your website reflect your current sensibility is worth it.

Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov via unsplash.

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