Magic Moments: When Marketing Clicks

by Diana Ecker on March 21, 2014

I love those moments when you’re reading a website or watching a video and all of a sudden — something clicks. You can go from skeptic to convert in a split-second.

The best way to understand how those moments work is to track your own. For me, one of those moments happened while I was watching an episode of Shark Tank.

The guy teaching yoga is a wrestler? Yep.

A wrestler named Diamond Dallas Page was on the show to pitch his product, a series of yoga DVDs called DDP Yoga. The whole thing sounded a lot like an infomercial, which was fine with me. With him was his business partner, Steve Yu.

They showed a video featuring a protégé named Arthur, who, by this point, is also essentially a spokesperson. When he first found DDP yoga, Arthur was a disabled veteran who had difficulty simply getting around.

The end result of Arthur’s transformation — from out of shape, in pain, and discouraged to tremendously fit and upbeat — was pretty amazing. But that wasn’t the magic moment.

At this point, we’ve all seen enough before-and-after transformations to be a little bit jaded. It’s incredible, sure, but it’s a narrative that we hear so often that it’s unlikely to spark something in our minds. Even as we marvel, there’s another part of us that thinks, yep, another transformation, and kind of files it away.

So what was the magic moment?

For me, the magic moment came later — when I went to their website and watched a more in-depth video — one that has more than 10 million views on YouTube — that traced Arthur’s very gradual progression through the yoga DVDs. That moment came when, early on in his yoga journey, he tried to do a yoga posture.

And he fell over.

Out of shape and physically compromised, his balance just wasn’t there yet, and he fell (this happens around 1:47 in the video above). He got back up and kept going.

And it was at that moment that I knew I was going to become a customer.

I’m certain that the team at DDP yoga included that part of the video deliberately. I think they knew what effect it would have. And I think it reflects how they’ve done a truly outstanding job of getting to know their target market.

A feeling that crystallizes in a split second

Why did watching someone fall over convert me from curious to customer?

Because I’ve taken yoga classes before, in New York City, Upstate New York, and the SF Bay Area. I’ve purchased yoga DVDs, too.

Like a lot of people, in a new environment I look for signs of whether or not I “belong” there. When you come into a place like a yoga class without the greatest sense of balance (ahem), it doesn’t take long to feel out of place.

When I saw Arthur fall over, I was startled. He fell over, and yet he belonged. In fact, the falling defined the belonging. Participation in this kind of yoga looked like falling over and getting back up.

And I was converted.

There were plenty of other factors that helped seal my decision: I liked Diamond Dallas Page’s teaching style a lot. I liked the emphasis on rehabilitative exercise. I liked the absence of customary aspects that characterize the traditional yoga videos I had seen before.

But the moment I saw Arthur fall over, I was hooked because that was when I felt that this product was for me.

Can you make the most of a magic moment on your site?

Although I believe the team at DDP yoga recognized the effectiveness of this moment and have marketed this video aggressively (it has 10 million views on YouTube), I do not believe they manufactured it. In general, magic moments happen naturally.

If you have a website, then somewhere in there, you may be creating magic moments for your visitors too. They speak right to the heart of your customer, but they definitely don’t happen every day.

The key is to recognize them — and figure out how to leverage them.


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Rachman Blake May 23, 2014 at 8:37 am


I really like this “Key Moment” angle! Definitely incorporating this into our messaging.

Rachman from FunnyBizz


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